HERI Kenya

Cultivating a recycling culture

Engaging the Community and stakeholders to adopt sustainable waste management practices and develop a Circular Economy in South Coast Kenya.

Cultivating an appreciation for a healthy planet

Working with communities to build local capacity and understanding of the need to maintain healthy land, air ocean and waterways

Building the local scientific capacity

Building the local scientific capacity in environmental health research and its benefits towards improved environments and local economies.

Linking a healthy environment to healthy communities

Emphasizing the role of environmental health in improving community health outcomes


Community and Culture

Dr. LaBeaud and Dr. Mutuku talking with a community group

Healthy Environment, Healthy Community

Plenty of recyclable materials

Science and Technology

Translating science into actionable messages for the community

Art - Trash and Treasure

Reusing materials to make new art

Impact and Policy

Advocating for new policy changes within government

Education and Research

Fostering a culture of sustainability within the next generation