HERI Kenya

Diani Sustainability Collective

The UN defines sustainability as the condition of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As a whole, sustainability must be seen as a way of life that embodies holistic and intergenerational well-being. Thus, any organization that holds goals within the vast array of priorities in the 17 UN SDGs is a crucial organization working towards a common goal: sustainability. 

The Diani Sustainability Collective is a project initiated by HERI-Kenya to create a multi-sectoral platform for a collective approach to; understanding sustainability challenges, and their impact, then collectively and strategically designing integrated interventions to optimize collective expertise, resources, and impact when addressing local challenges.

The Diani Sustainability Collective (DSC) is an organized network of stakeholders contributing strategically to a collective framework towards a Healthier, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable Community. HERI-Kenya brings scientific research expertise, capacity-building resources (HERI-Hub), and stakeholder mobilization to this course.

Our commitment to promote sustainability is rooted in our core values of health and environmental stewardship, community empowerment, and sustainable impact. We seek to do so through a holistic understanding of Diani’s context and issues, making strides across interconnected issues—such as environmental health, waste management, economy, inequality, and more.

Partnerships can take many forms, and we have to be creative in building working relationships partnerships that can deliver our shared vision and desire: A Sustainable Diani & Community.