HERI Kenya

The HERI Hub is a Community Resource Center for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and collaboration. HERI-Hub offers training programs, resources and networking opportunities to grassroots’ sustainability actors and the broader community to support efforts that promote Health and Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability.

Key Features;

Community Resource Center

HERI-Hub offers information, tools, and resources to advance sustainability initiatives. These include research reports, case studies, practical guides, best practices and actionable solutions to address health and environmental challenges.

Capacity Building Hub

HERI-Hub runs training programs to equip actors and the community with knowledge, Attitude, and Practices on a wide range of topics, including environmental health, climate change, waste management, sustainable agriculture, and community resilience, catering to diverse interests and skill levels.
Collaborative Platform

HERI-Hub fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders from various sectors, i.e. academia, government, civil society, and the private sector. By facilitating partnerships, joint projects, and networking events, we create opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration, innovation, and collective action to address local sustainability challenges.