HERI Kenya


1. HERI-Hub - Empowering Actors & Communities for Health and Environmental Sustainability

The HERI Hub is a Community Resource Center for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and collaboration. HERI-Hub offers a wide range of resources, training programs, and networking opportunities to support grassroots sustainability actors and the broader community to advance the trajectories of Health & Environment.

2. Diani Sustainability Collective - A network & a framework towards a Healthier, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Diani

The UN defines sustainability as the state of having present generations meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

As a whole, sustainability must be seen as a way of life that embodies holistic and intergenerational well-being. Thus, any organization that holds goals within the vast array of priorities in the 17 UN SDGs is a crucial organization working towards a common goal: Sustainability.

The Diani Sustainability Collective is a project initiated by HERI-Kenya to create a platform for a collective approach to addressing sustainability challenges. A network of stakeholders collectively and strategically contributing to a framework towards a Healthier, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable Diani. HERI-Kenya brings scientific research expertise, capacity-building resources (HERI-Hub), and stakeholder mobilization to this course.

3. HERI Internship Program

The HERI Internship Program offers opportunities for students and young professionals to gain hands-on experience, mentorship, and skill development in the areas of health and environmental research. Through structured internship placements, participants have the chance to work on current projects, contribute to ongoing research initiatives, and engage with experts in their respective fields. The program aims to nurture talent, build capacity, and empower the next generation of leaders in health and environmental sciences

4. Black Soldier Fly Farms for Organic Waste

HERI-Kenya’s Black Soldier Fly Farms initiative harnesses the natural capabilities of black soldier fly larvae to convert organic waste into valuable resources. By establishing sustainable insect farms, HERI-Kenya aims to address organic waste management challenges while simultaneously producing high-quality protein and nutrient-rich by-products. This innovative approach not only reduces the environmental impact of organic waste but also offers potential solutions for food security, animal feed production, and sustainable agriculture.

5. Eco Action Saturdays (Tree Planting and Clean-ups)

HERI-Kenya’s Environmental Action program focuses on tangible, on-the-ground initiatives to protect and preserve the environment. This includes tree planting projects aimed at reforestation and community clean-up campaigns to remove litter and debris from public spaces. Through these activities, HERI-Kenya engages volunteers, local communities, and stakeholders to take action, raise awareness, and instil a sense of stewardship towards the environment. By mobilizing collective efforts, Environmental Action contributes to creating cleaner, greener, and healthier communities.

6. Plastic Planet Sea Change



Trees Planted in direct collaboration with our local partners.


Community Service Providers trained at the HERI Hub. Currently supporting 25 to host health & environmental awareness community forums and clean ups every first and second saturday of the month respectively.


tonnes of waste collected through Beach & Street Cleanups activities.


periodic employment opportunities for local community on our projects.


Collected littered single use plastics for the project "Plastic Planet Sea Change" - Public Art of an ocean wave installed for a year 2023-24 at the center of Diani to raise awareness on plastic pollution.